Are you ordering cookies for the holidays?

Here is all you need to know about Storage & Shelf Life!

⁠Refrigerated our cookies can last for 3 weeks (This is the max we recommend because we always bake them fresh). ⁠

⁠ If you already have your holiday cookies: ⁠

⁠Throw them in the refrigerator until putting under the tree (that way they stay more fresh).

⁠If you are SOON ordering cookies & saving them for Stockings/Presents: ⁠

We recommend to submit your order by our LAST deadline of the year (the 15th) and repeat the steps above. ⁠

What are the nutrition facts?

All of them are available on our website with an in depth breakdown of each ingredient we use as well. Click here

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life is at a maximum of 1 month. Why 4 Weeks? Because our cookies are NOT made with any preservatives. We use real ingredients that are baked fresh upon your request. Our cookies are not intended to be sitting on a shelf for months at a time which also gives you the piece of mind knowing that every time you see one of our cookies it was just baked!

RA Cookies are safe to store at room temperature for up to 3-4 Weeks. If you plan on having them longer than 3 Weeks we recommend you freeze or refrigerate them until ready to eat. The taste and texture will not be affected by freezing or refrigeration.

2.5 Weeks of Shelf Life is Recommended for our Vegan Brownie

3 Weeks of Shelf Life is Recommended for our Regular RA Brownie Cookie

4 Weeks of Shelf Life is Recommended for all other RA Cookie Flavors

But again, remember that you always have the option to order fresh cookies every single week and know they were baked fresh just for you!

Do I need to refrigerate cookies?

You do not need to refrigerate the cookies unless you plan on having them for longer than 1 month, or if you really enjoy them cold.

Cookies will remain in perfect condition stored on the counter for at least 3 weeks. (But just remember, you always have the option to get them fresh since we bake every week!)

The one cookie we strongly recommend to refrigerate is our Vegan Brownie. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you think you will have them for longer than 1.5 weeks we suggest to refrigerate. Vegan products already have a shorter shelf life, given their plant based ingredients, so to ensure that they stay fresh and delicious throw them in the fridge to maintain freshness.

Oops, I entered the wrong address for my delivery. Can you resend it?

Unfortunately we can not resend products due to an incorrect address. Please make sure to double check your shipping information before purchase and/or email us as soon as you notice so we can do everything we can to adjust your order details.

When am I going to get my order?

All order deadlines for a same week delivery are Tuesday at midnight.

If an order is placed prior to Tuesday night, it will be baked Wednesday and shipped on Thursday.

Orders placed after a Tuesday night will be baked the following Wednesday and shipped the proceeding Thursday.

This is to ensure every customer gets the freshest and highest quality product as possible.

Can I Customize My Flavors I Want & Don’t Want?

We do not offer flavor customizations on cookie boxes. Each product listed on our website will list the exact flavors that it will come with. If you need specific customizations make sure to click on a 6 Pack or 12 Pack option that you can select your specific flavors you would like to receive.

If you are wanting a 6 Pack or 12 Pack combination that you do not see listed on our website, make sure to email us Via the “Contact Us” button on our site to see if we can get it added for you!

Why didn’t I get a Red RA Box that you advertise online?

We have amazing affiliates that offer discount codes to their audiences and the way we are able to make this possible is to provide discount code orders with our brown kraft box. If orders are paid in full, without a discount code used, then a Red Box is provided.

But what if you didn’t use a discount code?

Due to COVID19 all orders from our suppliers have been extremely backed up so we may have ran out of our Red Boxes and had to use the brown kraft box instead.

Why does it say “# flat rate shipping” but the total shipping is more?

Depending upon which shipping zone you live in you will have a base line flat rate, calculated at a discount by us as a company.

From there, depending upon the # of items in your cart, also referred to as more weight, there will be $1 added per item.

This is to help us cover a little more of the total shipping cost so we can still operate as a business and provide rates such as these.

These rates are at a HUGE discount and provided by us to make your shopping experience much more easy breezy.

These rates also reflect PRIORITY SHIPPING 1-3 Business Days. The actual rates USPS calculates are much higher than the rate we provide so this is our discounted rate for you.

“I Need A Refund.”

We are NOT responsible if damage is caused to your package upon USPS delivery. USPS is responsible and we will therefor share with you how to resolve the issue.

In the event of a wrong order, misplaced, or missing items, we need ALL EVIDENCE & PROOF of delivery including but not limited to: the box you received, the items you received, the invoices you received, and the packing slips you received. This does not mean you will automatically get a refund, but we will file a claim and dispute with the necessary companies to get the issue resolved.

If there were any questions you were not able to find your answer to please contact us so we can get you the info you need!