Shipping & Returns


We ONLY ship our cookies throughout the US & ONLY ship using the USPS.

All cookie packages are baked fresh each week on Wednesday & shipped out each Thursday.

We offer many shipping options described below:

We do offer 1-3 Day USPS Shipping and if this method is chosen (which is the method we recommend given it gets your cookies to you the fastest) you can expect your packages to arrive within 1-3 Business Days contingent upon your shipping location.

***also contingent upon USPS delays

If you choose USPS Retail Ground (2-8 days) it can take up to 8 business days to reach your destination.

***also contingent upon USPS delays

And if USPS overnight is selected you can expect your cookies to arrive within 1 Business day.

***also contingent upon USPS delays

Our $5 Flat Rate Shipping Option: This is our gift to you, a lower cost shipping option that provides you with the most affordable shipping method for your zone. Depending upon your shipping rate, either Priority or Retail Ground can be chosen for this option.

Our order deadline is every Tuesday at Midnight EST of each week. If an order is placed after Tuesday Night, your cookies will be shipped the following week on Thursday. This is to make sure all cookies are baked fresh to order and distributed as quickly as possible while still keeping quality at its highest. 


We do not accept returns on cookie packages.

If you are not satisfied with your order or your package was damaged in the mail please reach out to us using the “Contact Us” tab located at the bottom of the page.


We do not accept any refunds on cookie packages.

Just as with returns, if you are not satisfied with your order or your package was damaged in the mail please contact us.

Damaged Package

If your package was damaged in the mail, you can file a claim with USPS right here.

USPS is responsible for the damage, they are responsible for refunding you for your order. You can contact us for any assistance needed for placing a claim.

Shipping Delays & FAQs

Due to our current Pandemic of COVID19, there are potential delays among orders. We want to get you answers as fast as we can about your packages so here are our most frequently asked questions about shipping.

Your website says 1-3 Day Priority Shipping and that I’ll get my box by Saturday or Monday. I still haven’t gotten it, can you explain?

Yes, all of our packages ship with Priority 1-3 Shipping and whenever the world was not in a pandemic this was executed very well. Depending upon where you live you would either get your packages Friday, Saturday, or Monday.

But given COVID19 all business days upon arrival have been lengthened to help out our shipping providers. The delay in shipments is not a reflection of our quality or service. We bake and deliver your packages to the post office the same as we always have, but now USPS is not scanning them nearly as fast or as organized as previously.

We appreciate your patience and know it won’t last forever.

My Package Didn’t Ship On Thursday? Did you forget to make it?

No, as long as you placed your order by our Tuesday at Midnight deadline it was baked on Wednesday and sent to USPS on Thursday.

But USPS didn’t scan it on Thursday, is it lost?

USPS, as well as every other shipping provider, are swamped with online orders being sent out so there are potential delays in the overall scanning process.

Just because a cookie box is taken to USPS it doesn’t mean they will scan it right then and there and especially now since they are swamped it isn’t abnormal for it to take longer than normal.

The scan from USPS is what sends you an email with a tracking # and shipping confirmation. So the USPS workers are responsible for scanning your package so you get notified of it’s information.