Who is Jack?

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I'm Jack

I’m originally from a tiny town called Burkburnett, TX. 

Growing up I moved around a lot. I went to 4 different high schools, and lived in many towns within 4 different states. As a kid I was very shy and introverted so making friends and starting conversations didn’t come naturally.

Around the age of 15 was when my love for baking began. It was one hobby I could do wherever we moved. I could just get in my zone, jam out to music, and use my hands to create new fun things. It became my way to start a conversation with ease whether it be with friends or other kids around school.

Fast forward to college, I knew I wanted to cook, so I wen to Culinary & Pastry School in Orlando, FL. I worked my way through kitchens starting at the bottom as a Dish Washer at a Ruby Tuesday and working my way up the ladder to eventually become a Head Chef; my and everyone’s dream job when you enter culinary school.

Years later, I developed my love for health and fitness and it drastically changed the way I viewed, tasted, and cooked food. Working in the food industry I saw a lot of dietary turmoil: late night shifts resulting in fast food runs, binging energy drinks to get through a shift, or eating whatever was in sight because you couldn’t take an actual break. It wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life or the relationship I wanted with my biggest passion.

Food is fuel, fuel that is going to give you all of the energy you need to knock out your day. And for me, I like my fuel to taste damn good.

So I took my Culinary & Pastry School training, years of kitchen experience, and put it to use to develop Revive Al Cookies. 

Cookies that truly preach my lifestyle I have always dreamed of filled with balance and moderation and that promote mental health. 

I don’t feel like there is anything out there like it.

Food has always been my passion and to be able to share that with you and this world is the biggest gift of all.