No Nutritional Information is Available for these cookies as they are stuffed with different ingredients each week and flavors are constantly rotating, however here is an ESTIMATE on calories PER ONE COOKIE without the addition of fillings. This is an estimate for 1 serving and 1 Mega Cookie = 4 Servings.


For flavor bases, refer to our Nutritional Fact page by clicking here.

Rainbow Funfetti Base: Confetti Cake Fillings: frosted sugar cookie/sugar cookie, tye dye cupcake w/ frosting, red velvetcookie, white chocolate chips. Topping: sprinkles

Cookie Monster Base: Oreo Cookies N Cream Fillings: oreo, Brownie w/ fluff, cookies n cream chocolate square, chocolate chip cookie Topping: oreos, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips chips

Sugar Cookie OverloadBase: Confetti Cake Fillings: white chocolate chips, sugar cookies, vanilla cupcake w/ frosting, sprinkle sugar cookie Topping: jimmies sprinkles rainbow

Chocolate Chip PB & J Base: Chocolate Chip Fillings: strawberry cupcake, reese peanut butter cup, peanut butter oreo, peanut butter cookie Topping: chocolate sprinkles, reese piece bits

Chocolate Chip Snickers Base: chocolate chip Fillings: snickers, brownie w/ caramel frosting, chocolate chip cookie Topping: chocolate chip cookies, snickers, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts & heath bar chips

Snickerdoodle Cinnabon Base: Snickerdoodle Fillings: cinnamon roll, crueller donut, Cinnamon sugar cookie, caramel bits Topping: cinnamon sugar + heath & rolos

Confetti x Red Velvet Base: Confetti Cake Fillings: red velvet pop tarts, red velvet cookies, red velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting, red sugar cookie Topping: sprinkles, white chocolate chips

Samoa Explosion Base: Brownie Batter Fillings: samoa cookie, almond joy, snoball Topping: crushed samoas, coconut, caramel bits

M&M Smore Base: Chocolate Chip Fillings: marshmallows, marshmallow oreo, chocolate square, fudge stripe cookie, brownie cupcake w/ fluff Topping: crushed graham crackers, M&Ms

Strawberry Shortcake Base: confetti cake Fillings: frosted sugar cookie, strawberry cupcake w/ strawberry frosting, sugar cookie Topping: white chocolate chips, sprinkles

UNICORN MAGIC! Base: unicorn magic Fillings: blue funfetti cupcake with pink frosting, pink sugar cookie, sprinkle cookie Topping: sprinkles, frosted animal cracker, added red velvet poptart bits

Chocolate Chip OverloadBase: chocolate chip Fillings: choc chip muffin w/ vanilla frosting, frosted brownie, chocolate chip cookie Topping: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips

PB Cup Explosion Base: Chocolate Chip Fillings: peanut butter cup, payday candy, chocolate chip cookie, brownie with peanut butter Topping: Reese Pieces, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, nutter butters, peanut butter chips, peanut butter oreos, reese pieces

Confetti x More Confetti Base: confetti cake Fillings: frosted sugar cookie, vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla frosting, funfetti baked cookie Topping: chocolate chips, frosted animal cracker, sprinkles

Carrot CakeBase: snickerdoodle Fillings: caramel bits, white chocolate chips, carrot cake oreo, carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting Topping: crushed carrot cake oreos, cinnamon, sugar

M&M Dirt PieBase: Chocolate Chip Fillings: oreos, twix, fudge brownie, choc cupcake with chocolate frosting, chocolate chip cookie Topping: crushed oreos, M&Ms


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Base: chocolate chip Fillings: cookie dough bits, chocolate chip muffin with vanilla frosting, chocolate chip cookie, fudge brownie Topping: crushed chocolate chip cookies

Uh Oh Oreo Base: Oreo Cookies N Cream Fillings: oreo, cookies n cream chocolate, golden oreo, brownie with fluff Topping: oreos, golden oreos, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips

Confetti x Lemon Pound Cake Base: confetti cake Fillings: yellow sugar cookie tart, lemon oreo, lemon pound cake with lemon frosting Topping: yellow sprinkles

Cookie Butter Mania Base: Snickerdoodle Fillings: salted caramel chocolate bits, biscoff cookies, yellow cupcake w/ biscoff, sugar cookie with biscoff, Topping: biscoff cookie, cinnamon sugar

German Chocolate Cake Base: brownie Fillings: german choc cupcake with german chocolate frosting, fudge brownie w/ walnuts, samoa cookie Topping: caramel bits, coconut oreos, samoas, toasted coconut & pecans

Cookies N Cream M&M Smore Base: Oreo Cookies N Cream Fillings: marshmallows, chocolate brownie with fluff, cookies n cream chocolate square, marshmallow oreo, fudge stripe cookie, Topping: M&Ms, oreos

Salt Caramel Snickerdoodle Crunch Base: snickerdoodle Fillings: caramel candies, carmel crunch donut, twix pieces, vanilla cupcake with caramel, white chocolate chips & twix pieces Topping: topped: sea salt, toffee bits

Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake Base: Confetti Fillings: vanillafunfetti cake with vanilla frosting, choc chip cookies, white choc chips in batter, frosted sugar cookie, Topping: sprinkles, animal cracker



This is the estimated calories & nutritional label for 1 entire Mega Stuffed Cookie.