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Do you have Gluten Free Options?

Yes, we have gluten free options available in our Original Cookies. Click here to grab yours.  Our current gluten free flavors are White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal & Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.


Are RA Cookies Keto? 

No, we do not promote our cookies to be keto cookies. If you are on a Keto diet, speak with your doctor or coach to see if our macros fit into your meal plan. 



How To Heat Up or Reheat your RA Cookie: 

Depending upon which cookie size you have opted for will determine how long you need to heat up your cookie. Set your oven or air fryer to 300F and bake your room temperature cookie in 10-30 second intervals or until golden and crispy. We do not recommend microwaving as it can create a “tough” texture.


Do you make CBD, THC or Cannibis cookies? 

We are a legal Hemp Manufacturer in the state of Florida and currently sell Delta 8 protein cookies. This is where you can access our Delta 8 products. Click here. 


It’s taken over a week to get here are my cookies going to go bad?

No, your cookies will not go bad. We recommend a shelf life of 3-4 weeks with each of them, stored in a pantry, and 4-6 weeks if refrigerated. But just keep in mind we bake them fresh every week so you always have the opportunity to grab more as needed.


I placed my order so I could have it by Friday. On your site it says I should have gotten my package by Friday. My friends order from you and that’s when they get it. Is mine lost?

No, your package has not been lost just because you haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation email. USPS scans packages based on a number of different factors that are beyond our control so your package could be in the works.

Given to COVID19, there are potential delays among every order. If you are ordering to have your package by a deadline we recommend, during this pandemic, to order a full bake day, Tuesday deadline, before you need it. This way you have time to get your package if there are delays.


My Cookies Are Too Soft & Melted, Are They Ruined?

No, your cookies are definitely not ruined. We bake our cookies using high quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil and if left out in the sun for too long or in a warm environment they definitely will soften. This is the same scenario as if you were to leave a protein bar in the heat or chocolate chips. Definitely will not ruin them or have a effect on their flavor/ quality.

What we recommend to do is pop your box right in the fridge so that the Coconut Oil in your cookies can solidify back up and then after that you can store them in your pantry.

This is why, in a normal non-pandemic world, we ship our cookies using Priority 1-3 day shipping so that you get them as soon as possible without them having to be in the heat for too long but if your package is delayed it just means a little more heat will be around the cookies.

Refrigerate and they will be delicious as ever!