What is a MEGA-Stuffed Cookie?

Giant stuffed protein cookie

So, we first became known for our Traditional Protein Cookies and then we asked ourselves: “What if we stuffed these with really crazy fillings?!”

And that’s exactly what we did!

The size of these Cookies are Mega-Stuffed and also our EXACT SAME protein batter we use for our traditional RA Cookies but they are quadrupled in size and stuffed with the craziest, most delicious fillings.

So, how much protein & calories is in our MASSIVE Cookie?

Mega-Stuffed Cookies are quadruple the size of our traditional cookies which means they contain between 35-40 grams of protein!

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What makes our Mega-Stuffed Cookies different than all these stuffed cookies on the market?

Our mega-stuffed cookies still promote the balance and moderation of our traditional RA Cookies because they are made with the same exact batter.

Mega-Stuffed cookies are meant to be a celebration of all foods, treating yourself with something exciting, and also feeling good about knowing you still sought a healthier alternative in the process.

Our mega-stuffed cookies get baked fresh weekly and the flavors are always cycling so make sure to grab them before they’re gone!

Are you ready to see which flavors we’re baking this week? 

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