Why 10 Grams of Protein?

Revive Al By Jack Cookies - Girl holding a protein cookie

Our protein cookies definitely stand out amongst every other on the market for this reason and more.  

I mean think about it, every single protein cookie/bar  you will find on a shelf has 20+ grams of protein. So where’s the variety there?

We’re not trying to re-create Nutrition Facts & Macros that already exist in the Health & Nutrition Industry. We’re trying to break the barriers for the options and lifestyle we believe you deserve. 

Each of our cookies contain 10 Grams of Protein, 12-15 Grams of Fat, and 22-34 Grams of Carbs giving you an incredibly well rounded snack item that is going to leave you fueled and filled with energy!

RA Cookies put the focus back on balancing your food sources so you can feel great from within.

Do you need even more protein in your diet but love our products? Check out our Stuffed Cookies, Cookie Browniesand Mega-Stuffed Cookies! These items contain 30-40 Grams of protein as they are MASSIVE in size!

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Revive Al by Jack Cookies Protein Cookies